OER: Quality criteria and quality instruments

14.02.20 / Publication / International

The with paper from European Schoolnet offers a short evaluation of the variety of quality criteria used in OER and some of the methods and practices in use to ensure quality. The aim is to provide a useful resource to repository owners and managers seeking to develop and improve on their services.

EU Kids Online 2020

11.02.20 / Publication / International

The new report «EU Kids Online 2020» maps the risks and opportunities of the internet for children in Europe. Among many other findings, the survey shows that the time children now spend online varies between about two hours per day (Switzerland) and three-and-a-half hours (Norway).

OECD report: Teenagers’ career expectations

05.02.20 / Publication

Huge changes to the world of work over the past two decades have made little impact on teenagers’ career expectations according to a OECD report. The surveys show that too many teenagers are ignoring or are unaware of new types of jobs that are emerging, particularly as a result of digitalisation.

UNESCO: Guidelines on the development of OER policies

27.01.20 / Publication / International

The new guidelines for policy-makers and other stakeholders lay out steps to review, analyse, develop, implement and measure a context-relevant OER policy. The guidelines describe the process for designing and implementing OER policy in seven chapters, each representing a clear phase in the process.

Guidelines to create learning labs

16.01.20 / Good Practice / International

The new guide from European Schoolnet will help you to undertake a journey through the four-stage process essential to build a new learning lab: from the initial thought, through planning and implementation to use and evaluation of the impact of your own learning lab.

How a Swiss programme is teaching online privacy to children

14.01.20 / Didactical resource

Swiss data protection officials say children as young as four years old should be taught about data security and privacy. The Canton of Zurich recently released what could be the world’s first set of educational materials on data security and privacy for younger primary school pupils.

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