Data is a central resource in the digital education space. It helps to improve the education system and learning outcomes and has innovative potential.  Data makes it possible to develop and target individual educational programmes while generating rapidly available control expertise. But to ensure that data is used in a trustworthy, secure and ethically appropriate framework, we need clearly defined rules.

Development of a data usage policy

In June 2021, taking a fundamental report entitled "Data in Education – Data for Education" as a basis, the federal government and cantons commissioned us to develop a data usage policy for Switzerland’s education area. The aim is to ensure a secure and ethically appropriate means of handling education sector data within the existing data protection legislation framework and to foster its effective use.

Data federation in vocational training

In June 2021, to improve and simplify access to and the exchange of data in vocational training and thus promote innovation, the Confederation and the cantons commissioned us to design a data federation for vocational training and prepare an appropriate legal basis.


Digitization in education

The advance of digitization is changing learning, teaching and life in our schools at an ever-faster pace. The report “Digitization in Education” is the first comprehensive survey of the status and impact of digitization in the Swiss education system.

Management Summary (pdf) 
to the report (German)

Data in Education – Data for Education

Due to the increasing use of digital information and communication technologies, the amount of data generated in the education system is also growing exponentially. The report “Data in Education – Data for Education” formulates approaches for developing a data usage policy for the Swiss education area.

Management Summary (pdf)  
to the report (German)