Schools and their administrations depend on reliably functioning ICT systems. On the other hand, the protection of data and thus also of the private sphere places high demands on information security. It must ensure the confidentiality, integrity, availability, traceability and authenticity of the information.

We advise and support educational stakeholders in evaluating applications, provide a contractual basis in the form of framework agreements and offer guidance for their implementation and operation.

With so-called framework agreements, we have been creating standardised market conditions for educational authorities and institutions in Switzerland since 1996. These agreements have been modified through the years to match changing market, legal and technology requirements.


Educa’s web-based Navigator app ( presents the functions and scope of applications currently available on the market. An overview of work, organization, learning, communication and collaboration tools used in the education sector in Switzerland is intended to assist individuals responsible in schools and school administrations in their search and selection. The overview does not include electronic teaching and learning resources.

Central point of contact for data usage and data protection

Since July 2023, we offer a central point of con-tact for questions regarding data usage and data protection with a focus on primary schools and level II secondary schools. This practice-based service is geared towards school management and staff in educational authorities. For example, technical, legal and ethical questions are answered regarding saving data in the cloud, about the forwarding of personal data, or dealing with BYOD in schools. The results flow into the development of a data usage policy.

Other topics

Questions for the central point of contact for data usage and data protection

The central point of contact for data usage and data protection answers questions and thereby creates a collective knowledge base for the Swiss digital education space. We work with specialists to process the answers.

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Introduction of a collaborative learning platform

Collaborative learning platforms offer numerous opportunities for learning together. However, the individuals responsible face several challenges when introducing them.

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Messenger services in the school context

Messenger services present schools with various challenges. We provide advice on their legally compliant use and an overview of messenger services.

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Data protection in the context of schools

Data is an increasingly valuable commodity. The protection of this data, and thus the private sphere too, places high demands on all stakeholders.

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