Within the scope of their powers, the Confederation and cantons jointly ensure the high quality and accessibility of the Swiss education area: this is the wording of Article 61a of the Swiss Federal Constitution, dated 21 May 2006. On this basis, the Confederation enacted the Education Cooperation Act (BIZG), effective 1 January 2017. Digitization occupies a central place in the 2019 Declaration on common political objectives for the Swiss education area. The Educa Agency acts as the joint instrument of the Confederation and the cantons for improving quality in the digital education space. The strategic management of assignments is handled by the Process Management of Education Cooperation (PL BiZ).

“Digital opportunities and offerings are evolving at a rapid pace and represent a great opportunity for education. Teaching becomes more versatile and individual; learning and studying are less bound by geographical restrictions. However, it calls for a lot of expertise in infrastructure, systems compatibility and data protection. It is vital that the cantons identify trends and, following precise analyses, define which path to take towards digitization. Educa prepares this expertise and thus supports the cantons on their journey into the digital future.”
Susanne Hardmeier, Secretary-General EDK

"The drastic rate of digital change is undoubtedly affecting all sections of our society. In the education sector, it is vital that we take advantage of the opportunities created by digitization, for example, by incorporating new methods and possibilities for teaching and learning and applying new forms of data use and educational monitoring. However, this presupposes favourable parameters, especially at technical, legal and social levels. As an interface between education and digitization, Educa helps to ensure that the digitization of the education system is coherent and well-considered. Together we are committed to training the skilled workers of tomorrow."
– Rémy Hübschi, Deputy Director SERI

Joint education policy objectives of the Confederation and the cantons

Digitalisation is a key aspect of the Declaration on common political objectives for the Swiss Education Area (objective 7), which was reaffirmed in 2023. The Confederation and the cantons are proactively seizing the associated opportunities, assessing the risks and tackling the challenges head-on. They are implementing their digitalisation strategies coherently and, where necessary, coordinating the measures with each other. Within their areas of responsibility, they are addressing questions at all education levels regarding the content and skills to be taught, data handling, artificial intelligence, infrastructures, and other factors and conditions.

Digital transformation is having a major impact on the education system. Educa helps the Confederation and the cantons to anticipate new challenges.

Statute and service agreement

From 1 January 2021, Educa received a new statute as an institution under public law under the aegis of the EDK and SERI. The service agreement for 2021 to 2024 covers five focus topics, which are continually expanded and updated on this website:

  • Educational technology
  • Information and legal security
  • Digital identity
  • Data usage
  • Innovations