The new technologies relevant to education are summarized in the portmanteau term EdTech. The use of educational technology can permanently change the learning experience and open up new possibilities in learning content delivery. Accordingly, educational technology appears in a wide variety of forms and manifestations. The term covers everything from initiatives concerned with optimizing basic processes in education to the use of new hardware and software. New technologies can emerge directly in the education sector or be selectively adapted from other sectors. However, educational technology must always be thoroughly checked for conformity with data protection laws and its fundamental suitability in the classroom before being used in Switzerland.

We track current and relevant educational technology in Switzerland and explore the latest developments to provide early and comprehensive information to educational stakeholders and assist decision-making processes.


Educa’s web-based Navigator app ( presents the functions and scope of applications currently available on the market. An overview of work, organization, communication and collaboration tools used in the education sector in Switzerland is intended to assist individuals responsible in schools and school administrations in their search and selection.

Introduction of a collaborative learning platform

Collaborative learning platforms offer numerous opportunities for learning together. However, the individuals responsible face several challenges when introducing them.

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Web conferencing solutions

Web conferencing solutions offer an easy means of direct exchange. When using them, there are numerous aspects to consider regarding functionality, legal security and data protection.

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