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Learning Innovation Conference

09.01.18 / Event

On 17–18 April 2018 this international conference is taking place in the MCH Messe Schweiz, Zurich. It will be mainly dealing with networked, digital learning in disruptive times. Additionally it will introduce learning concepts still in the experimental stage or even in the laboratory.


Digital Lives

08.01.18 / Information society

The Swiss National Science Foundation promotes research projects in humanities and social sciences on the effects of digital transformation in all areas of our lives. In this context, the SNSF also supports pilot projects with a maximum duration of 18 months.


Lift Conference 2018

03.01.18 / Event

On 3rd February 2018, in Geneva, as every year since 2006, this international conference will present and discuss innovative technologies from different areas, education included. This year’s edition includes the workshop «The Creative Self: Create Your Personal Brand».


ICT-Workshops in Schools

28.12.17 / Good Practice / Continuing education

The project group ICT-Workshops bet, that by April 2018, 100 half-day programming workshops for teachers will be held in 100 schools in all parts of Switzerland, has reached a new phase. It has launched its own website in German, French and Italian.


digitalswitzerland challenges

27.12.17 / Information society

digitalswitzerland is in charge of digital innovation in Switzerland. Last year it therefore launched a challenge. The challenge is an invitation to the leading minds of the country to jointly develop innovative concepts and crazy ideas and to put them into action. Have a look at the list.


Parents of the Venice Time Machine

19.12.17 / Information society

The Digital Humanities Laboratory of the EPFL Lausanne develops new computational approaches for rediscovering the past and anticipating the future. The DHLAB trains a new generation of researchers who develop innovative educational programmes and didactic technologies.


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