Format: 28.05.2020
Format: 28.05.2020

3rd International Congress on Vocational and Professional Education

17. April 2018 /

On 6–8 June the congress will look at the challenges in adapting to the needs of the labour market in a rapidly changing and digitalised world, lifelong learning and curriculum development. The professional event attracts an international audience from the fields of education, politics and business.

European Schoolnet on Twitter

22. March 2018 /

Future Classroom Lab has created the channel «@fcl_euschoolnet » to share innovative pedagogical practices and news regarding educational trends, technologies and training events happening at the innovative learning space in Brussels.

Seven policies for the school of tomorrow

12. February 2018 / /

economiesuisse published (in the national languages) seven pieces of advice, on how education policies can help the education system to successfully make the digital transformation. One example: the disciplines mathematics and German in primary school should be taught by digital means. (German)

JAMESfocus «Movies, Games and YouTuber»

7. February 2018 / /

The third in-depth report (in German) on the JAMES Study focuses on favourite movies, games and YouTubers of Swiss adolescents between 12 and 19 years of age. They are put into context with textual and gender preferences as well as youth media protection in the sense of age rating control.

Extracurricular STEM activities

2. February 2018 /

Switzerland suffers a shortage of specialists in the fields of technology and information. This report (in German) by the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences published in December 2017 gives an overview and an analysis of extracurricular offers in this area as well as recommendations for action.

WEF panel on digital transformation

1. February 2018 /

digitalswitzerland held a WEF breakfast with Swiss President Alain Berset on digital transformation. The high-level panel discussed data protection as well as the role of the state in ethical and economic questions. Berset wants Switzerland to be an «innovation driver» instead of a «copycat nation».

European Data Protection Day

25. January 2018 /

To mark the date, the Zurich data protection supervisor invites on Sunday, 28 January, to the event «The Right To Be Let Alone». A movie presentation on data protection is followed by a panel discussion on new technologies and their opportunities and hazards for our liberal democracy.

Guides EUN on Bring Your Own Device

23. January 2018 / /

The «Interactive Classroom Working Group» by European Schoolnet, of which Switzerland is an active member, launched four «Pocket Guides» on the subject of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) for school leaders and IT administrators who want to adopt the BYOD strategy in their school.

Informatics: visions for tomorrow

18. January 2018 /

February 8, in Berne UniS, the Swiss Academy of Sciences (SCNAT) will present the importance, possibilities and visions of informatics to decision makers and teachers. The event's aim is to discuss future oriented teaching with informatics on all school levels. Presentations are also in English.

Learning Innovation Conference

9. January 2018 /

On 17–18 April 2018 this international conference is taking place in the MCH Messe Schweiz, Zurich. It will be mainly dealing with networked, digital learning in disruptive times. Additionally it will introduce learning concepts still in the experimental stage or even in the laboratory.

Digital Lives

8. January 2018 /

The Swiss National Science Foundation promotes research projects in humanities and social sciences on the effects of digital transformation in all areas of our lives. In this context, the SNSF also supports pilot projects with a maximum duration of 18 months.

Lift Conference 2018

3. January 2018 /

On 3rd February 2018, in Geneva, as every year since 2006, this international conference will present and discuss innovative technologies from different areas, education included. This year’s edition includes the workshop «The Creative Self: Create Your Personal Brand».

ICT-Workshops in Schools

28. December 2017 / /

The project group ICT-Workshops bet, that by April 2018, 100 half-day programming workshops for teachers will be held in 100 schools in all parts of Switzerland, has reached a new phase. It has launched its own website in German, French and Italian.

digitalswitzerland challenges

27. December 2017 /

digitalswitzerland is in charge of digital innovation in Switzerland. Last year it therefore launched a challenge. The challenge is an invitation to the leading minds of the country to jointly develop innovative concepts and crazy ideas and to put them into action. Have a look at the list.

Parents of the Venice Time Machine

19. December 2017 /

The Digital Humanities Laboratory of the EPFL Lausanne develops new computational approaches for rediscovering the past and anticipating the future. The DHLAB trains a new generation of researchers who develop innovative educational programmes and didactic technologies.

UN conference on digitisation

18. December 2017 /

On 18 December, the president of the Confederation Doris Leuthard has opened the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Geneva. Under the banner «Shape Your Digital Future!», the IGF will devote itself to the challenges of digitisation which are transforming our social, political and economic lives.

EPFL creates COS

6. December 2017 / /

The online school of the EPFL Lausanne created a new type of academic diploma with its «Certificate of Open Studies (COS)». It offers several extra-occupational programmes for students wanting to imrpove their skills in the area of new technologies without prior studies.

Digital learning environments for schools

1. December 2017 / /

The Swiss Association of Telecommunications has published a study in German and French on the state of public schools with regard to digital education. It wants to make projects and initiatives in Swiss schools known to the public, to connect them with others and start an interesting discussion. (pdf, German)

Mobility of the Future

24. November 2017 / /

In their new exhibition, the Verkehrshaus Schweiz, the Swiss transport museum, and the Swiss Federal Railways present an outlook to future transport. The exhibition explores smartphone-based journey guiding, autonomous driving, e-mobility and the future of railway stations.

OECD: good results in Swiss education

21. November 2017 / /

In its latest Economic Survey, the OECD considers the Swiss education system as highly successful. Same as other countries, Switzerland faces far-reaching changes in education and training through digitization. It therefore recommends to use these challenges to strengthen the system.

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