Format: 23.09.2020
Format: 23.09.2020

National Research Programme «Digital transformation»

18. December 2019 /

The National Research Programme «Digital transformation» (NRP 77) is underway with 37 projects. The projects will investigate the impact of digitalisation on education and at life-long learning. NRP 77 will launch a second call in December 2019 to fill specific research gaps.

MOOC: digital cultural heritage

11. December 2019 /

The «Europeana in your classroom» MOOC will improve teacher’s understanding of cultural heritage in order to efficiently integrate this topic into their lessons and practices, regardless of the subject they usually teach. The course starts on 13.01.2020.

educa.job to be discontinued at the end of 2019

8. November 2019 /

Apart from the agency’s realignment, an analysis of the situation has shown that the educa.Job portal cannot fulfil current security requirements and that the content would require readjustment. This led to our decision to close the portal on 31.12.2019.

ICILS Study 2018

6. November 2019 / /

An international assessment of Year 8 students’ computer skills has found that less than two per cent are able to critically assess information found online. The ICILS Study looked at the computer and information literacy skills of 46,000 students and 26,000 teachers around the world.

Spotlight Switzerland

5. November 2019 /

Spotlight Switzerland presents ten exemplary projects that approach digital change as an opportunity and make teaching and learning exciting and effective by means of innovative pedagogical concepts. The winners receive grants summing up to CHF 120,000 to further develop their activities.

A fresh view of school

31. October 2019 / / /

Scientific findings often only hesitatingly find their way into practice. In addition, schools are faced with a wide variety of demands from society and politics. The current issue of the SNSF magazine, Horizonte, highlights findings that reach the classroom despite all the odds.

Interoperability Toolkit

22. October 2019 / /

The Consortium for School Network launched a toolkit to help schools improve their interoperability – the seamless sharing of content and services between systems and applications. Interoperability has grown in importance as digital content and e-learning technologies have become more prevalent.

European Cyber Security Month

1. October 2019 / /

The EU’s annual awareness campaign takes place each October across Europe. The aim is to raise awareness of cyber security threats, promote cyber security among citizens and organizations; and provide resources to protect themselves online, through education and sharing of good practices.

Digital education at school in Europe

26. September 2019 /

The publication which covers the primary and secondary cycle of the school year 2018-19 offers a comparative overlook of national strategies and politics of digital education at school in 38 European countries participating in Erasmus+.

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