Initial and continuing teacher education

Information and communication technologies (ICT) in teacher education are not independent forms of training. They have to take place in the overall context of the educational mandate and the curricula of the individual school subjects, with the aim of integrating ICT into the different subjects. Initial and continuing education for teachers plays an important role in managing and promoting quality in the education system. Responsibility for this lies with universities of teacher education and other tertiary-sector institutions involved in the initial and continuing education and training of teachers commel’Insitut fédéral des hautes études en formation professionnelle (IFFP).

Universities of teacher training and other universities

Initial education and training of teachers for compulsory and upper secondary education is in the competence of the cantons. Universities of teacher training as well as other universities with teacher training facilities train teachers, offer continuing education and carry out practice oriented research projects. Teacher universities are based on the EDK recommendations in this domain.

Continuing education is part of the service agreements of universities of teacher training. Trainers have been trained for many years. As a rule, these trainings are being offered jointly by several cantonal educational institutions and have been jointly conceived with the persons responsible for ICT in the cantons. In the area of training the trainers an intercantonal collaboration has been developed. Cantonal F3Certificates can be recognized on basis of the profile for additional training for trainers in the area of media education/ICT on 10 December 2004.

Colleges of professional education and training

The integration of media education into initial and continuing education for teachers at colleges of professional education and training comes under the responsibility of the Swiss Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (SFIVET) as well as other universities recognized by the Confederation. Teachers at PET colleges are being trained according to the same curricula in all of Switzerland. These curricula also include standards for media education competences. Media education in various types is part of all training modules. In doing so, various internet platforms are used deliberately besides traditional media, so students can gain vast experience and evaluate and choose platforms for their own teaching purposes. Fundamental questions regarding the use of media are primarily discussed in general didactics, practical specification is taking place in the didactically relevant modules. Teaching of digital competences for future teachers has to take place in intial as well as in continuing education.

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