Cooperation between the Confederation and the cantons

They shall coordinate their efforts and ensure cooperation. Digitization in education concerns the constitutional mandate (art. 61a) which creates a statutory requirement both for collaboration between the Confederation and the cantons as well as for collaboration on an intercantonal level. The Confederation is represented by the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI). The cantons are organised through the Swiss Conference of Cantonal Ministers of Education (EDK), which comprises 26 ministers of education.

As part of their cooperation on education policy, the Confederation and cantons make appropriate assessments of the challenges associated with the digitization of the education system, report any need for action and contribute to ensuring the quality and transparency of the Swiss education area.

To make sure that the Swiss education system can adapt to the digital evolution, the Federal Council has mandated the SERI with an in-depth study on the challenges that education and research face in the digital age. The report on the «Challenges of digitization for education and research in Switzerland» in July 2017 helped, in association with the cantons, to define an action plan and measures for the education system during the period 2019-2020.

  • Field of action 1: Improvement of digital competencies on school level

  • Field of action 2: making use of ICT in general and vocational education

  • Field of action 3: rapid adaptation of the education system to the requirements of the market

  • Field of action 4: coordination and communication of cooperation in the field of education

Joint instruments
The Confederation and the cantons take a cross-sectoral, interdisciplinary and networked approach to the transformation of the education sector through digitization. At the same time they support networking with important stakeholders and coordinate dialogue on a national level. To that aim they jointly use the following instruments:

  • The Education Cooperation Act (BiZG) provides a framework for establishing the foundations of a coherent national policy on the structure of the educational offering in the digital age.
    Education Cooperation Act (BiZG) (pdf, German)

  • The Koordinationsausschuss Digitalisierung in der Bildung (KoA Digi) (in English, «Coordination Committee on Digitization in Education») is the joint platform for the stakeholders of the Confederation, the cantons and their partners. The KoA Digi takes a cross-sectoral and interdisciplinary approach to its task of coordinating joint strategic measures relating to the digitization of education.
    Coordination Committee (KoA Digi)

  • The monitoring of die digital education area wants to sets the requirements for the development of the education system in regard to digitization, supported by research and statistical data.
    Monitoring of the digital education area

  • in its role as the specialist agency for ICT and education it advises the players in the education system on questions regarding digital transformation. It plays an important role in ensuring quality development in the field of ICT in compulsory and upper secondary education. – Specialist Agency for ICT and Education

  • The measures to promote young peoples’ education in STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) aim is to counter the lack of qualified personnel and to promote the skills required for working in a digital society. (German)

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