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New priorities for digital Switzerland

14. September 2020 / Information society

The aspects of data are to be given greater emphasis in the digital policy of the Confederation in future. The Federal Council adopted the updated “Digital Switzerland” strategy. To make this possible the Federal Council adopted the updated “Digital Switzerland” strategy.

Future Skills

27. May 2020 / Publication / Information society

Education is intended to prepare children and young people for the future. It currently appears uncertain, however, what this future will be like. The new GDI study «Future skills» outlines four scenarios for the year 2050 and identifies the skills needed for these futures.

School Barometer

15. April 2020 / Information society

There is a big difference in the amount of time pupils are spending at their studies during the corona school closures. Some children are doing five or more hours a day, others just one or two. This is one of the main findings of the School Barometer, led by the University of Teacher Education Zug.

Digital Education Pioneers

21. February 2020 / Information society / Media competence

In order to help new digital learning and teaching arrangements achieve a breakthrough, Gebert Rüf Stiftung supports pioneers at the primary and secondary I level with exemplary bottom-up initiatives or cooperations with school external partners to serve as role models for the school of the future.

National Research Programme «Digital transformation»

18. December 2019 / Information society

The National Research Programme «Digital transformation» (NRP 77) is underway with 37 projects. The projects will investigate the impact of digitalisation on education and at life-long learning. NRP 77 will launch a second call in December 2019 to fill specific research gaps.

A fresh view of school

31. October 2019 / Publication / Information society / STEM

Scientific findings often only hesitatingly find their way into practice. In addition, schools are faced with a wide variety of demands from society and politics. The current issue of the SNSF magazine, Horizonte, highlights findings that reach the classroom despite all the odds.

Spotlight Switzerland

5. November 2019 / Information society

Spotlight Switzerland presents ten exemplary projects that approach digital change as an opportunity and make teaching and learning exciting and effective by means of innovative pedagogical concepts. The winners receive grants summing up to CHF 120,000 to further develop their activities.

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