European Data Protection Day

25. January 2018 / Event

To mark the date, the Zurich data protection supervisor invites on Sunday, 28 January, to the event «The Right To Be Let Alone». A movie presentation on data protection is followed by a panel discussion on new technologies and their opportunities and hazards for our liberal democracy.


Lift Conference 2018

3. January 2018 / Event

On 3rd February 2018, in Geneva, as every year since 2006, this international conference will present and discuss innovative technologies from different areas, education included. This year’s edition includes the workshop «The Creative Self: Create Your Personal Brand».


Learning Innovation Conference

9. January 2018 / Event

On 17–18 April 2018 this international conference is taking place in the MCH Messe Schweiz, Zurich. It will be mainly dealing with networked, digital learning in disruptive times. Additionally it will introduce learning concepts still in the experimental stage or even in the laboratory.


UN conference on digitisation

18. December 2017 / Event

On 18 December, the president of the Confederation Doris Leuthard has opened the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Geneva. Under the banner «Shape Your Digital Future!», the IGF will devote itself to the challenges of digitisation which are transforming our social, political and economic lives.


Swiss Robotics Industry Day 2017

3. November 2017 / Event

In the framework of the Swiss Robotics Industry Day participants from research, industry and investment met on 2 November in Lausanne. In several conferences, workshops and round-tables they experienced cutting edge technology demonstrations and were able to discuss future trends in robotics.


Digital future of Switzerland

20. November 2017 / Event / Information society

Some 700 representatives from authorities, business, science, politics and civil society discussed this topic at the first national conference on Digital Switzerland. Several specific proposals were made for the development of the «Digital Switzerland» strategy of the Federal Council.


Digital Day Switzerland

16. October 2017 / Event

21 November, the first Digital Day is going to take place in Switzerland. More than 40 institutions from business world, public sector and academia are jointly presenting the chances of digitization. Focus centers for more than 80 events will be the main stations of Zurich, Lugano and Chur.


National Conference «Digital Switzerland»

16. August 2017 / Event / Information society

The Conference’s aim is to present implementation measures for the strategy «Digital Switzerland» including new trends and developments in the information society and in digital education. It will take place on 20 November in Bienne, organized by the Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM).


Exhibition «Rebel Video»

18. August 2017 / Event

The «Rebel Video» exhibition at the National Museum Zurich shows videos and the lifes of video makers from London, Basel, Bern, Lausanne and Zurich. It runs from 18 August to mid-October and provides a flashback to the eventful 1980s and the first steps in the digital age.


Switzerland hosts IGF

20. June 2017 / Event / Information society

From 18 to 21 December the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) of the United Nations will take place in Geneva. It is the world's largest neutral discussion platform on digitisation. The OFCOM is inviting all Swiss actors from politics, business, civil society and science to participate actively.


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