Monitoring the digital education area

Application of the constitutional articles on education (art. 61a et seq.) implies strategic oversight and coordination by the Confederation and the cantons. To assist this process, a long-term knowledge base relating to the education system is maintained, based on scientific data. Relevant data is extracted from this knowledge base and placed at the disposal of decision-makers on education policies as a basis for their deliberations. The main objective of education monitoring is to develop the quality of Swiss education in a focused and efficient way, to increase its transparency and to make the different levels of education more coherent with each other.

In the framework of education monitoring, the work programme of collaboration in education 2017–2020 (BIZ) aims to facilitate the systematic acquisition of useful information concerning the steering of the area of information and communication technologies (ICT) in education.

A variety of reports and surveys on the integration of ICT into education provide an international, national, regional and cantonal inventory of existing measures, trends, issues and perspectives. Whatever their scale, these surveys – JAMES, MIKE, ICILS, PISA or EU-KIDS Online – provide information which is not otherwise available and help to focus on the needs of the education system.

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