Digital learning environments for schools

1. December 2017 / Good Practice / Publication

The Swiss Association of Telecommunications has published a study in German and French on the state of public schools with regard to digital education. It wants to make projects and initiatives in Swiss schools known to the public, to connect them with others and start an interesting discussion. (pdf, German)

OECD: good results in Swiss education

21. November 2017 / Publication / International

In its latest Economic Survey, the OECD considers the Swiss education system as highly successful. Same as other countries, Switzerland faces far-reaching changes in education and training through digitization. It therefore recommends to use these challenges to strengthen the system.

When robots roll up

5. October 2017 / Publication / Information society

The latest study by Avenir Suisse shows that there is no risk of a «robokalypse», in which intelligent robots substitute humans, in Switzerland. Digitisation is a long-term development. It doesn’t destroy employment, it innovates the work environment and creates new jobs.

JAMES Study 2016

9. November 2016 / Publication / Media competence

The results of the latest study on media use of young people in Switzerland shows that the young take 25% more time in the internet than two years ago. Smartphones and flat rates have made the internet part of everyday life. More developments: Instagram and Snapchat have overtaken Facebook.

Youth barometer 2016: generation stress?

10. October 2016 / Publication / Information society

The 2016 Credit Suisse Youth Barometer illustrates how the growing variety of goals in life and the more and more widespread use of smartphones and apps are increasingly turning young people surveyed in Switzerland, Brazil, Singapore, and the US into a «stress generation».

Switzerland's digital future

10. June 2016 / Publication

The study compiled by the EPFL, mandated by SIX and Swisscom, concludes that Switzerland is lagging behind on digitalisation, starting with digital literacy. It recommends «Training in digital skills, but also raising awareness about the digital future, which will involve...a strong online culture.»

Cost-cutting measures in education and research

4. December 2015 / Publication

In this press release, the ETH Board expresses its concern over the budget cuts of over half a billion francs in education, research and innovation in the frame of the Federal Council’s 2017 – 2019 stabilisation programme - almost 20% of the entire cost-cutting programme.

Higher Education and Research

7. April 2015 / Publication

The State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation has published a brochure on Higher Education and Research in Switzerland. It gives an overview on Swiss economy and the role that universities and research institutes play in the national and international context for Swiss economy.

Time for Cultural Mediation

4. March 2015 / Didactical resource / Publication

This highly successful manual for cultural mediation practitioners, institutions and funding bodies has now been translated into English. This tool, developed by the Zurich University of the Arts helps them place cultural mediation activities into context and assess their quality.

Time for cultural mediation

29. January 2015 / Publication

Commissioned by Pro Helvetia, the Swiss Arts Council, the Zurich University of Arts developed this publication in 2012. It has since become a «Vademecum» for cultural mediators in Switzerland for its practical approach to their daily work and has now been translated into English.

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