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Mobile off, thoughtfulness on

18. May 2016 / Information society / Media competence

By this motto Swisscom has announced a day of undivided attention to people instead of media for the 20 May. It's not against smartphones but for a responsible attitude towards digital media. The company's philosophy postulates that time off from digital media is part of media literacy.

Digitisation in all areas of life

26. April 2016 / Information society

The Federal Council has adopted a news strategy on «Digital Switzerland». It is defined as an umbrella strategy intended to co-ordinate the activities and expert groups from authorities, businesses, science, research and civil society. The dialogue on this subject will be coordinated by the OFCOM.

New ways for digital publication

9. February 2016 / Didactical resource / Information society

The professional portal of the historical sciences in Switzerland has launched a project by the name of Living Books about History which explores new ways of scientific publication. Digital essays by scientific editors are accompanied by multimedia contributions (videos, images, websites etc.).

New portal for Swiss open government data

3. February 2016 / Didactical resource / Information society

The Confederation, cantons and communes as well as other organisations with official mandate publish their open data on In the category «Education ad Science» teachers may find interesting contents for their lessons. All the datasets can be downloaded free of charge and exploited.

For a Free Digital Society

28. January 2016 / Event / Information society

On February 5, Richard M. Stallman, the founder of the GNU/Linux system, will be speaking at the Research Center for Digital Sustainability of the University of Bern. His subject is the threats to digital freedom from non-free software and the use of web services. Please sign up from 1 February.

Big Ideas for Big Data

19. January 2016 / Event / Information society

The Swiss Talent Forum by Swiss Youth in Science will be taking place in Thun, canton Berne, from Thursday, 28 to Sunday 31 January. By the title of «Big Ideas for Big Data» 70 young people from Switzerland and abroad will be elaborating visions for the future for ten aspects of Big Data.

Modernisation of copyright

29. December 2015 / Information society

The Federal Council plans to modernise the copyright and match it to the latest technological developments. The main objectives are a more efficient combat against piracy, explanations for the users of peer-to-peer networks and the simplified use of digital offers.

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