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Data protection game

14. May 2018 / Didactical resource / Media competence

Developed by Canada’s Center for Digital and Media Literacy, the game Data Defenders gives young people an introduction to management and protection of their personal data on websites and in apps. It is available in French and English and accompanied by a guideline for teachers.


Mobility of the Future

24. November 2017 / Didactical resource / Media competence

In their new exhibition, the Verkehrshaus Schweiz, the Swiss transport museum, and the Swiss Federal Railways present an outlook to future transport. The exhibition explores smartphone-based journey guiding, autonomous driving, e-mobility and the future of railway stations.


Gaming against the debt trap

7. March 2017 / Mobile learning / Didactical resource

The teacher associations from German and French speaking Switzerland, LCH and SER, together with the Swiss cantonal banks have created a serious game to encourage finance competency in young people. The online game helps them in a ludic way to understand the principles of economy.


Serious game on data protection

14. December 2016 / Didactical resource / Media competence

Datak is a free serious game from RTS, the French-speaking tv-programme, which aims to raise public awareness of the implications of data protection and Big Data. In the game, young people from 15 years meet with everyday decisions on the publication of their personal data.


Worlddidac Award for «My Bourbaki Panorama»

8. November 2016 / Didactical resource

The app on the famous Lucerne Bourbaki Panorama is a pioneer project in history teaching. It takes history right into the virtual era and on to your tablet. It has been developed in collaboration with Lucerne’s teacher university and offers a teacher’s manual, portraits and a set of tasks.


Digital learning ecosystem on nutrition

2. June 2016 / Didactical resource

To celebrate the re-opening of its museum in June, the Alimentarium in Vevey now offers virtual classrooms, educational videos and worksheets - also in English. Teachers, pupils and parents now learn more about nutrition via the MOOC platform, connected to a range of applications and games.


Open Education Week 2016

8. March 2016 / Event / Didactical resource

From March 7 to 11 Switzerland is taking part in this year's worldwide Open Education Week. This week is a welcome opportunity to discuss ideas, projects and topics on digital learning across language and national borders, e.g. Creative Commons and Open Educational Resources (OER).


New ways for digital publication

9. February 2016 / Didactical resource / Information society

The professional portal of the historical sciences in Switzerland has launched a project by the name of Living Books about History which explores new ways of scientific publication. Digital essays by scientific editors are accompanied by multimedia contributions (videos, images, websites etc.).


New portal for Swiss open government data

3. February 2016 / Didactical resource / Information society

The Confederation, cantons and communes as well as other organisations with official mandate publish their open data on opendata.swiss. In the category «Education ad Science» teachers may find interesting contents for their lessons. All the datasets can be downloaded free of charge and exploited.


politbox: test your political knowledge

5. May 2015 / Didactical resource

SRG SSR has issued a quiz app for the national elections in five languages. Young people from lower and upper secondary level can test their knowledge about Swiss politics in and out of the classroom. From August 2015, teachers will find didactical material on the website of «SRF mySchool».


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