Development programme «MINT Switzerland»

08.04.14 / STEM / School project

The «MINT Switzerland» federal programme (Mathematics, Information technology, Natural sciences and Technology) provides one-time start-up or front-end financing. The project requires the availability and use of the candidate's own financial resources. Closing date for applications: 7 June 2014.

With a little help from ICT...

07.04.14 / Media competence

From August 2014, the private École Atlas in Lausanne offers support for children with special needs. Besides small size classes they also offer the use of modern technologies to improve the students' attention and they facilitate the understanding of complex notions.

EDK: Swiss collaboration in EU programs

28.03.14 / Programmes and projects / Educational politics

The Swiss Conference of cantonal ministers of education underlined the importance of a Swiss collaboration in Erasmus+ and Horizon 2020. It appeals to young Swiss wanting to participate in an exchange program to apply to the current calls for proposal even though the modalities aren’t clear yet.

In a quest for precision and new horizons

28.03.14 / Media competence / Publication

Jürg Gutknecht's main concern as Professor at the Department of Computer Science at ETH Zurich and president-designate of the Swiss Informatics Society, is to raise the level of awareness of computer literacy as the skill of contemporary world. Learn more from the interview.

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2014 Tech4Dev International Conference

04.06.14 - 06.06.14 / EPFL, Lausanne


The key question of the third UNESCO Technologies for Development Conference is What is Essential? The invention and development of appropriate technologies? Or the creation of value chains? Is it local capacity building? Or most likely a combination of several factors?


Event languages: English
School Grades: Independent of levels


07.07.14 - 14.07.14 / University of Fribourg

Workshop / Thematic event

As usual, the University of Fribourg organises again in 2014 a summer camp in informatics for young people from upper secondary level from all over Switzerland. In five days the participatns get an exciting insight into the world of informatics.


Event languages: German, French
School Grades: Baccalaureate schools
Deadline: 19.05.14

Congress on Vocational and Professional Education

15.09.14 - 18.09.14 / Winterthur

Thematic event

In 2014, the Confederation will launch the first international congress devoted exclusively to dual-track vocational education and training. The main focus will be on image building, bilateral exchanges between the private sector and policymakers and the presentation of best practice experiences.


Event languages: German, French, English
School Grades: Vocational schools

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