The US want to learn how apprenticeships work

02.09.15 / Educational politics

During his trip to Berne US secretary of Labour, Thomas Perez, and Swiss minister Schneider-Ammann signed a collaboration agreement on apprenticeships. The US has become increasingly interested in Swiss VET programmes and agreed on a collaboration during Schneider-Amann’s trip to the US in July.

Swiss 4th at the World Skills Championship

18.08.15 / Competition

Switzerland has won an honourbale 4th place at the World Skills Championships, held August 11-16 in São Paulo, Brazil. Even though this is the best result among European countries, for Switzerland this is a disappointing result. Since 2001 it has always come among the first three worldwide.

U.S. - CH cooperation on vocational education

10.07.15 / Educational politics

Federal Councillor Schneider Ammann signed a declaration of intent on Vocational Education and Training with U.S. Secretary of Commerce during his trip to the U.S. It will promote cooperation between Switzerland and the U.S. in education, research and investment. Pilot projects will be developed.

How to prevent «Numerus clausus» in Switzerland

07.07.15 / Educational politics

The Swiss Business Federation economiesuisse would like to keep the free entrance to university which today is one of the main features of Swiss education. To prevent university dropouts, economiesuisse published a dossier consisting of eight proposals to reform the baccalaureate system. (German)

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08.09.15 - 10.09.15 / Central station Zurich

Thematic event

In addition to publicly held ICT Skills competition, the event is designed to inform the general public about the many different ICT professions. It will provide practical insight into the world of ICT and is therefore the ideal platform for ICT professionals and future ICT specialists.

Learning Festival 2015

18.09.15 - 19.09.15 / throughout Switzerland

Continuing education / Thematic event

The Learning Festival is the national 24-hours-campaign to promote awareness for lifelong learning. This year's motto is "Learn with your hands". Additionally there will be a collaboration with the special exhibition "Higher vocational education and lifelong learning turn professionals into experts".


Event languages: German, French, Italian, English
School Grades: Independent of levels


18.09.15 - 19.09.15 / nationwide

Thematic event

This year's National Awareness Campaign of Lifelong Learning in Switzerland is going to take place from 18 to 19 September. Labour market officials and politicians join in with regional stakeholders to create a 24-hours-platform for hundreds of free of charge events in the field of education.


Event languages: German, French, Italian
School Grades: Independent of levels

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