Fast-track school in an asylum

18.07.14 / Educational politics

As a result of the trial fast-track asylum process that has been running in Zurich since January, children are being taught German in makeshift schools – in case their parent's application is accepted. The test project will run until September 2015 to see if it can serve as a model for Switzerland.

Unofficial talks Switzerland – European Commission

11.07.14 / Educational politics / Educational research

Swiss State Secretary Mauro Dell'Ambrogio and Director General Robert Jan-Smits had an unofficial talk on the subject of Switzerland's participation in the Horizon 2020 research programme. As there yet is no official proposal by the EC, the content of the talks has not been disclosed.

Two vs. one foreign language in primary school

03.07.14 / Educational research

The discussion on language learning in primary schools in Switzerland goes on: An initiative in German speaking Switzerland claims, two non-native languages are too much for the pupils – while educational research is far more optimistic about small children's ability to learn foreign languages.

A new dress for Swissinfo

01.07.14 / Publication

Swissinfo, the news portal on Switzerland in 10 languages, has given a new outfit to its website. Among others, you'll find a new overview on education in Switzerland: From «Admission» to «Tuition» it explains what a foreign student, parent or researcher has to know in coming to Switzerland.

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World Skills General Assembly

12.09.14 - 19.09.14 / Lucerne


For the first time the World Skills General Assembly GA will be held in Switzerland. WorldSkills International is the responsible body for the worldwide professional championships. Some 250 delegates worldwide are expected to attend the conference.


Event languages: German, English
School Grades: Vocational schools

Congress on Vocational and Professional Education

15.09.14 - 18.09.14 / Winterthur

Thematic event

In 2014, the Confederation will launch the first international congress devoted exclusively to dual-track vocational education and training. The main focus will be on image building, bilateral exchanges between the private sector and policymakers and the presentation of best practice experiences.


Event languages: German, French, English
School Grades: Vocational schools

Learning Festival 2014

19.09.14 - 20.09.14 / all of Switzerland

Continuing education / Information event / Thematic event

The national Awareness Campaign for Life Long Learning brings a news learning experience to the people. Various national, regional and local events in the field of adult education will take place in the framework of this national platform.


Event languages: German, French, Italian, English
School Grades: Tertiary level

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